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Stix yeast infection products are designed to help individuals manage their vaginal health and prevent future yeast infections. The Stix Vaginal pH Test is a simple and effective way to test for a yeast infection. By measuring the pH level of the vaginal area, the test can help determine if the balance of the vaginal microbiome is off and if a yeast infection is present. If a yeast infection is detected, the Stix 3-Day Yeast Infection Treatment can provide relief within just three days. This treatment contains a combination of miconazole nitrate and coconut oil to effectively treat the infection while also soothing the affected area. Additionally, the Stix Daily Vaginal Health Probiotic can help prevent future yeast infections by promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the vaginal area. The probiotic contains a blend of Lactobacillus strains and cranberry extract to support urinary and vaginal health. By using Stix yeast infection products together, individuals can effectively manage current infections, prevent future infections, and promote overall vaginal health.