Finally, a pregnancy test by women for women

Meet Stix

Say goodbye to unwelcoming drugstore aisles

Stix is an early-detection test, over 99% accurate and gyno approved. The only test designed for your privacy, Stix arrives in a discreet envelope. Order one time or subscribe for peace of mind.

How it works

illustration of Stix pregnancy tests

The Pregnancy Test: Two Pack

Over 99% accurate • early-detection technology • clear instructions • quick results • discreet packaging • free delivery

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"Stix helps women overcome the barriers they encounter when testing for pregnancy. Its product provides a private, reliable, convenient, accessible and affordable service."

- Dr. Cheung Kim, MD, Chief, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Einstein Medical Center

"Ordering process was super simple, delivered quickly, and the package is small. Unless you tell someone what is in it, no one would know."

- Megan

"I didn't know how frustrating taking a test could be, but out of the 3 tests I tried (in panic, with different results from each one), Stix was easiest and overall the best. It was very convenient to purchase, and the packaging was great!"

- Emily

"My period has never been regular. Every month, I panic when I’m a few days late. My new Stix subscription frees my anxiety."

- Isabel

"Whether a woman is trying to get pregnant or wants the peace of mind to know that she is not, Stix is a great solution. Stix is ideal for any woman who values convenience and privacy."

- Dr. Jennifer Meller, MD