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UTIs and sex: everything you need to know

Stix UTI products are designed to help individuals manage their urinary tract health and prevent future UTIs. The Stix UTI Test Strips are a simple and effective way to test for a UTI in the comfort of one's own home. By measuring the levels of nitrite and leukocytes in the urine, the test can help determine if a UTI is present. If a UTI is detected, Stix Fast-Acting Pain Relief can provide relief from urinary tract burning and discomfort within just a few minutes. The fast-acting formula contains Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride to help alleviate pain associated with UTIs. Additionally, the Stix UTI Daily Protection Supplement can help prevent future UTIs by promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the urinary tract. The supplement contains a blend of D-mannose and cranberry extract to support urinary tract health. By using Stix UTI products together, individuals can effectively manage current UTIs, prevent future infections, and promote overall urinary tract health. The best part is, if you're worried about a UTI, send a test photo to your doctor so you can skip the trip to the hospital!