Managing your health made easy

Subscribe to your favorite Stix products to get them shipped automatically, on your schedule.

Worry less with us by your side

Keeping your health on track can take work. We make it easy by automating your health routines for you with our subscription service.

Simply choose your products, pick your delivery schedule, and you’re all set. Easily meet your health goals with worry-free deliveries that you can change or skip anytime.

Ultimate convenience
Never worry about running out of your essentials because we've got your back.

Simple & flexible to manage
Our customer portal makes it easy to change, pause, or skip anytime.

Save more, always
Get 15% off your favorites plus free shipping on every order.

Glowing reviews

Read why our subscription is a "must-have"!

Absolutely essential

A Stix subscription is a must have for anyone who's tracking their cycle!

Melinda H.

Simple & affordable

One less thing to remember or worry about! Helps ensure that I take a test every month.



So convenient! The experience has been outstanding since I started subscribing to Stix.

Ruby B.

One of the best

Subscriptions from Stix are always super quick to arrive, very reliable and discreet.

Sykla M.

Peace of mind

Knowing I always Stix tests in the house whenever I have an inkling of worry is so nice!

Kasey C.

Subscription FAQs

  • How does my Stix subscription work?

    A completely customizable subscription service, Stix subscriptions make caring for your health easy. Your favorite products are shipped automatically on your schedule — every month, two months, or three months. Once you start your subscription, we'll send you an email to let you know when your next order will be delivered. You’re able to skip or delay an order or cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Can I make changes to my subscription?

    Of course! Making changes to your subscription is simple. By logging into your account, you can add or remove the products in your order. You can also change how often your orders are shipped to you. For more on how to make changes to your subscription, visit our Help Center

  • How is my subscription shipped? What does “discreetly delivered” mean?

    We value privacy above all else. Your Stix orders arrive in a plain box with no reference to what's inside. Nosy neighbors or intrusive roommates? They'll never need to know.

  • Do I pay for shipping on my subscription?

    Nope! One of the many perks of subscribing to Stix is getting free shipping on each order. No shipping fees — ever!

  • Can I skip or pause my subscription?

    You can skip your next order or pause your subscription anytime. For more on how to skip or pause your subscription, visit our Help Center.

  • What if I want to cancel my subscription? Do I have to pay a fee?

    If you need to take a break from your subscription, we get it. You can always pause or skip your subscription if you just need a break. You can cancel your subscription anytime without any fees. For more on how to manage your subscription, check out our Help Center.