Our holiday gift guide... for vaginas

Our holiday gift guide... for vaginas

Whether you’re shopping for someone in their self-care era or a hot-girl-winter vibe, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our very own gift guide for vaginas.

All Things Sex 

CBD Sensation Enhancer Lube Cards My Lube Card, $5+ 
Say goodbye to lugging a bottle of lube in your purse (or worse, not having any). These lube cards are thin and discrete so you can keep them in your purse, wallet, or pocket and are always prepared. 

Sex Gem Bath Soak for Sensual Pleasure & Awakening Goop x Prima, $15
Basically an aphrodisiac, but in bath bomb form. A This is a great gift for the friend who wants to relax and unwind alone, or for the friend who's looking to spice up her sex life.

Suck & Blow Gel Vibes Only, $22
Vulva and penis friendly, non-sticky gel to make oral sex more fun (and better tasting). Suck & Blow gel also comes in lots of fun flavors!

Restart Morning After Pill Stix, $46
The holidays are already stressful enough. Prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex with Restart.

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator Magic Wand, $51-92
Across reviews and websites, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is the highest-rated vibrator. It comes in four different sizes, so it is the perfect gift for both yourself and your besties.

Vulva Luva Kit  Cake, $54
A little kit that has everything you need for clitoral stimulation. Includes arousal gel, lube, a vibrator, and sex wipes. 

Vibrator & Lubricant Set Maude, $59
Maude Organic Lube has amazing ratings and even better when paired with a vibrator.

Pleasure Bundles Dame, $70-209
For both couples and singles, these are great gifts for any sort of pleasure. Dame bundles include multiple vibrators (suctions, clitoral stimulators, etc.) and different kinds of lube. Some of them even have massage oil candles! You can also buy any of these items individually, or stick to a gift card

Sexual & Vaginal Wellness 

Dilator Sets Intimate Rose, $17-180
Dilators stretch the vaginal tissue to relax the pelvic floor, and keep the vagina open and flexible.They are meant to improve your sex life by reducing pain and anxiety caused through penetration. This is an especially useful gift for someone with vaginismus or another condition that makes sex painful. 

PMS Tincture Lemme, $19
These drops are yummyyy. They help with PMS symptoms, while also boosting overall female hormone health. 

Come As You Are by Emily Nagowski, PHD
For your favorite bookworm. Come As You Are is a book all about mindfulness, meant to transform your sex life. It focuses on research on female pleasure and desire.

Orchyd MD Visit Subscription, $29-99
Through Orchyd, you can track your period, shop their marketplace, and access online doctor visits to get gynecological care wherever and whenever you need! 

Kegel Balls Bellesa, $39
Kegel balls, aka Ben Wa balls, are connected round balls that are inserted into the vagina. They improve the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles and build more sensation during sex.

Jade Egg or Rose Quartz Egg Goop Wellness, $55-66
These are the viral crystal yoni eggs by Goop. They act as weights for pelvic exercises, and are believed to enhance sexual and overall well-being through feminine energy and crystal healing properties. 


Vaginal Wellness Kit Stix, $56
These Stix vitamins are essential for vaginal health as they help maintain PH balance and prevent infections.

Care for your hair down there

Sugared and Bronzed Gift Card, starting at $25
Sugaring is the all-natural, currently trending, bikini wax. The appointments only take ten minutes, and they have multiple locations in New York and California. Aside from sugaring, Sugared and Bronzed also sells other pubic hair care products!

The Francesca Bikini Trimmer Bushbalm, $65 
Shaving your vagina is a workout, and let’s be real it takes forever. This electric  bikini trimmer cuts down on time and makes shaving a whole lot simpler. And, think about all of the money you’ll be saving on razors. 

Fur Products
These are gentle, vegan hair products targeted for pubic hair. Fur’s specific treatments depend on your hair removal routine. They have solutions for everything from ingrown hairs to razor bumps to trimming oils. 

Panties & Lingerie 

Build A Box, August
These aren’t panties, but they line your panties! August makes toxin-free, harmful chemical-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic period products. The best part is that you can customize your own box according to your flow and what kind of products you use. And it’s sent right to your door.

Sexy, affordable, and good quality lingerie. Need we say anything else? 

Skims underwear comes in soooo many shapes and will hug your body like no other – my personal favorite way to look sexy and feel confident. 

For Love & Lemons Lingerie

For your friend who’s a bit of a diva, these gorgeous panties make the perfect gift. 

Edible Thong
This edible thong might land you on the naughty list. Lots of fun, very hot, and a good stocking-stuffer. 

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