Why we're launching the morning-after pill: A note from our founders

Why we're launching the morning-after pill: A note from our founders

As the founders of Stix, a team on a mission to empower confident health decisions, we’ve been long dreading the Roe v. Wade news. We knew we needed to do more than just take a stand, so we’ve been preparing for this important moment for months.

Our solution is Restart™, a morning-after pill available without a prescription. Launching on June 21, Restart™ is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy before it happens. A post-Roe America is scary — while millions lose access to reproductive care, emergency contraception has never played a more critical role. Until now, purchasing emergency contraception has been a fraught experience. It’s often locked up in drugstores, sold at overinflated prices, and in some states, pharmacists can even refuse to sell it to you based on their own personal values.

Over the past few months, we’ve spoken with you, our customers and members of our community, to better understand how we can make buying the morning-after pill a more empowering experience. By offering emergency contraception online with discreet shipping, you can be in control of your body and your future.

With so many common misconceptions about emergency contraception, we wanted to cover some key facts about Restart™, and the morning-after pill in general:

  • Restart™ prevents pregnancy by delaying ovulation before it starts
  • Restart™ is available without a prescription and can be purchased online
  • Restart™ is not the abortion pill — it does not harm or end an already existing pregnancy
  • Restart™ does not impact your ability to conceive in the future
  • Anyone of any age or gender can buy Restart™

Restart™ is the most important thing Stix has worked on to date — now is the time to expand access, shrink stigma, and give people the tools they need to make confident decisions about their own health.

In response to restricted reproductive care, we’re proud to launch the Restart™ Donation Bank, so that anyone can donate a dose or request Restart™ and receive it for free, no questions asked.

If, like us, you’re scared about reproductive rights in our country, you can do something about it. Contribute to our donation bank to help provide the morning-after pill to someone who needs it.

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