We asked you about your sex lives, here's what we learned

We asked you about your sex lives, here's what we learned

This month, Pure Dating App and Stix came together to create our Sexual Health Questionnaire. We asked our communities about their sex lives: anxieties, desires, kinks. We also asked, what are you too scared to ask your OBGYN? And we got answers. Sex education is more important now than ever. We’re here to educate our community on answers to their unasked questions, talk through how to navigate chatting with a partner about STI status, and provide a community where we can share experiences. So, we asked you about your sex lives and here’s what we learned. (Spoiler: this survey emphasized that communication with your partner is key.) 

We asked you, what are your anxieties about sex? The answers revealed the importance of an open dialogue with your partner

“A partner not understanding your boundaries.” 

“Getting attached to someone.”

“Lying partners.”

“I have pain during sex so I always get anxious when I have to have this conversation with a new sexual partner.”

“How I look naked.”

We asked over 100 people what kinks and fantasies are you curious about? 

“I love threesomes and multi-partnered sex. I would love to try DP someday but I don’t know if my partner would be down.”

“Mutual masturbation.”




“The magic mike style of getting tossed around.”

“Anything from blindfolding and bondage to massages and shower sex. As long as it's fun and safe for both of us, I don't mind trying lots of things!”

“Risky sex in public.”

BTW, your partner may be more open to exploring new sexual activities than you think. We asked over 120 people if they enjoy exploring new sexual activities or trying out partners and an overwhelming majority said they either love trying new things or are open to some exploration. 

We also asked: 

Do you have any specific kinks?
69% of responders said YES. 

Have you ever faced challenges expressing your sexual needs or desires to a partner? 
81% of responders said YES. 

And, we had an OBGYN answer your most pressing questions about sex, like… 

What happens to your vagina after you have kids? Will your vagina ever be the same after giving birth?
After giving birth vaginally, vaginal laxity is extremely common. The vagina and vaginal opening may feel looser, softer, wider and more open. This can occur for months up to a year postpartum, but over time the laxity should improve. You can work on strengthening your pelvic floor and doing kegel exercises, which can help improve the laxity. Additionally, there are vaginal lasers and cosmetic procedures, such as vaginoplasty that can help with laxity in severe cases, especially if you are experiencing pain or lack of pleasure during sexual activity. 


Can you get yeast infections or BV from a partner? So many women have stated they had issues with the two until they left their ex. 
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast are not considered STIs (sexually transmitted infections), however men can carry BV-causing bacteria and yeast on their genitals. Therefore, sometimes this can be passed sexually. Men cannot get BV, but they can get yeast infections. If a female partner is getting recurrent infections, it is suggested to have her partner treated. Vaginal probiotics can help balance the vaginal microbiome and prevent recurrent yeast and bacterial infections. 

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