This President's Day, keep old white men out of your vagina

This President's Day, keep old white men out of your vagina

It’s February 2024. We’ve rallied for Barbie, screamed for Taylor, and switched our music preferences to country for Beyonce.

It might feel like we, as women, continue to make leaps and bounds. But when it comes to accessing critical health care, we’ve fallen 50 years back 

In a post-Roe world, some old, white dudes are making decisions that take away our autonomy over our bodies. 

In fact of the 1,572 politicians who helped ban choice, 86% of them are men. Of the five non-elected judges who decided to unravel abortion protection (aka the US Supreme Court), only one was a woman.   

While some of these are the obvious suspects, thousands operate under under the radar. Let’s meet a few, shall we?

Jonathan Mitchell – He has written some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, including Texas’ SB 8 – the ‘vigilante law’. Not only does SB 8 ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, it also enables private citizens to sue people they suspected of being involved in abortions.

Dennis Watkins - Dennis is the Trumbull County Prosecutor in Ohio. His office brought felony charges against a 33-year-old woman who miscarried a non-viable fetus. 

Alex Mooney - As a Representative from West Virginia, he introduced a bill attempting to define life as beginning at conception. Reminder, in those first days after fertilization – it’s not even an embryo yet, but a blastocyst, consisting of six to ten cells. While Mooney is currently in the House, he is planning on running for current Democrat Joe Manchin’s soon-to-be-open Senate seat. 

Donald Trump – Okay I know, you expected him here. But did you know that Trump’s three appointed Supreme Court judges were the final swing in the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade? During his single term, he appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett – three of the five votes on the court to overturn Roe! 

Use President's Day as a reminder to keep fighting for reproductive justice. Remember, this year is an election year and reproductive rights are on the ballot!

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