In My Words: The power of shooting your shot

In My Words: The power of shooting your shot

Our society is currently experiencing a glorification of manifestation. Life coaches and influencers encourage us to speak, and often write, our hopes and dreams into existence. Check out any city boutique and you’re likely to find a roll of wish papers being sold, marketing this exact idea. It’s the mantra we’re constantly preaching to ourselves: if you believe it you will become it. But making your own dreams come true starts with a lot more than wishing on a flaming candle or a burning piece of paper. We need to start actually putting ourselves out there. 

The perfect example of this? Travis Kelce. 

How did Travis shoot his shot? He has previously spoken about Taylor and how much he admired her, Jason Kelce has even mentioned that he had a crush on her forever. Travis geared up in preparation for seeing Taylor perform the Eras tour in July of 2023. Instead of just attending and admiring the singer from afar, he made a personalized friendship bracelet for Taylor with his number written out in beads. (If you didn’t know, it's a tradition for Swifties to exchange friendship bracelets at her concerts). Travis later explained on his podcast, New Heights, that he was bummed to not have been able to give Taylor the bracelet, as she wasn’t able to meet with him. 

Well, lo and behold Taylor must have caught news of the word on the street, because less than two months later, there were rumors of the couple talking. Would that have ever happened if Travis hadn’t put himself out there? I’d bet my (very small) life savings it wouldn't have. 

Travis masterminded the mastermind herself. Strategy sets the scene for the tale, and we could all use a little strategic planning behind our manifestation. So how do you shoot your shot?

Honestly, you just have to let it rip. What’s the worst that happens? You don’t get the promotion, the relationship, the opportunity? You already didn’t have it. We fear rejection so much that we deprive ourselves of the potential YES. And one (albeit scary) gesture or ask can literally change the trajectory of your life. 

If you fail to plan you plan to fail, so make a plan. You want a promotion? Do some research and make a deck to set yourself up for success. Hoping for an opportunity with an organization you dream to work with? Reach out. Have a crush on your local cafe’s barista? Slip them your number, or better yet just ask them out. 

After all, I wouldn't be writing this piece today if I hadn’t shot my shot. A year and a half ago I was doing some freelance social media for Stix. I dreamed of working full time for a company that cared, deeply cared, about women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. I was eager to replace my corporate marketing job with a role where I was doing good for a community. I reached out to one of the founders and pitched myself for a full time position, and I got it. I can’t begin to imagine where my life would be if I hadn’t put myself out there. My advice for you is to do the same. Ask for what you want, you just might get it.

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