How to shave your vulva

How to shave your vulva

There are some aspects of womanhood that entail a lot of trial and error — shaving is certainly one of them. More specifically, shaving your vulva. When do we learn how to do it properly? I know I can’t remember being taught how to shave, so if you, too, are confused here are some tips to make your experience shaving your bikini area a little bit easier. The main goal when shaving is to get rid of hair without nicking yourself, getting ingrown hairs, or triggering a rash. 

Trim your pubic hair as short as possible. 

  • Trimming is done dry — do not do this step in the shower — and not with a razor. You can buy a pubic hair trimmer on Amazon, tools used to trim beards, or even buy a pair of small scissors. 
  • Get the hair as short as you can to make the shaving experience easier! 

Wash and exfoliate, then maybe moisturize. 

  • Before you shave, you want to wash away any bacteria that could be in the remaining hair. Do not wash the inside of your vagina, as that can lead to an infection. Just gently rinse and exfoliate. Exfoliating helps get rid of any dead skin and keeps the area soft. 
  • Trimming is done dry, shaving is done wet. If you are shaving while showering, you do not need to moisturize the area. If you are shaving after your shower, you also do not need to moisturize if you shave immediately while damp. If you are completely dried off, make sure to moisturize (anything that doesn’t irritate that area will work, but you can also find shaving-specific oils online).

Apply shaving cream. 

  • Shave your vagina in sections to make it easier for you. 
  • Make sure the area you want to shave is wet — it’s definitely easier if done in the shower. 
  • Apply the shaving cream to the section you want to shave, and let it sit for a few seconds to soften. Make sure to use a generous amount.
  • For some shaving gels, you can lather it in your hands beforehand. 

Make the skin taut and shave in the direction of the hair. 

  • In order to shave without cutting yourself, you need to have a tight surface to drag the razor against. Using your free hand, pull your skin taut and shave using the other hand. 
  • Shaving in the direction of the hair will prevent ingrown hairs! 

Some tips while shaving… 

  • Your razor may get hair and shaving cream stuck in it as you are shaving. Make sure you are rinsing your razor off intermittently to make the process easier and for cleanliness. 
  • Be careful around your labia! There are some areas that are harder to shave than others, and some parts of your vaginal region that have different types of skin than others. If you are really having a hard time bending over and getting a good look at where you are shaving, or even feel nervous, try using a mirror! 
  • Try different shapes. You do not need to remove every single hair in your vaginal region. Do what’s best for you based on comfortability, ease, and desire!  

Rinse and moisturize.  

  • After you’ve finished shaving, rinse off any remnants of hair or shaving cream. 
  • Apply moisturizing oil or lotion to the areas you shaved — be careful doing this, you do not want to use anything that could irritate your vagina or apply any moisturizer to your clit, labias, or vagina. 

The more you shave, the more you’ll figure out a routine tailored to your needs and body. I promise it is not as scary as it seems. You got this! 

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