Can hot yoga give me a yeast infection?

Can hot yoga give me a yeast infection?

We’ve grown up hearing the rules to prevent vaginal infections – pee after sex, no fragrances, cotton underwear – but what habits are inadvertently spelling unexplainable itching below? Let’s explore four *hot* topics surrounding vaginal infections and if they’re really the cause of your symptoms, or mere myth.

Hot yoga 

There are two main culprits when it comes to this hobby. When you sweat, your clothes become wet. This in turn encourages the growth of unwanted bacteria, which may cause bacterial vaginosis. If you’re attending classes in tight yoga pants, the air flow near your vagina is blocked, again, increasing bacteria growth and opening up the potential for infection.


Like the other activities on the list, the rule of thumb to not wear anything tight, including underwear, goes a long way in preventing unwanted infections. Additionally, exposing the vagina to steam and scented herbs can alter vaginal pH, in turn causing infection (so vaginal steaming is big no, regardless of what Gwenyth Paltrow tries to say).

Hot tub

One of the more infamous culprits. Despite their reputation for infection, hot tubs in themselves aren’t necessarily problematic when it comes to taking care of your vagina. Issues arise, however, if the tub isn’t being regularly cleaned and the pH properly balanced, resulting in the harboring of bacteria in the steamy conditions. Candida, the bacteria causing yeast infections, arising most often. As long as that tub is clean, you shower before and after, and you make sure to change out of suits right after, the hot tub isn’t necessary to totally avoid. 

Working out

Like hot yoga, working out may be connected to vaginal infections because the damp, tight fitting clothing and lack of air flow creates the conditions bacteria thrive in. 

Hot yoga, saunas, hot tubs, and working out in general don’t inherently spell bad news for your crotch, but if you don’t take the necessary precautions – most notably avoiding creating a sweaty environment for bacteria to thrive – you might find yourself more prone to vaginal infections. 

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