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Introducing Restart™, our new morning-after pill. There’s never been a more important time to expand access, shrink stigma, and give people the tools they need to manage their health. 

Join us in expanding access to emergency contraception across the U.S. by donating to the Restart™ Donation Bank

For just $20, you can help cover the costs of Restart™ for someone who needs it. Starting on June 21, anyone will be able to request a free dose and get it delivered from Stix.



Discreetly delivered

Discreetly delivered


Restart™ helps prevent pregnancy before it starts when taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex or if your birth control fails. The Restart™ Donation Bank will provide our new emergency contraceptive Restart™, to those who need it at no cost — no questions asked.

Together with Mara Hoffman, Dame, Universal Standard, and more — in addition to your donations — we’ll be able to distribute thousands of free doses to people across the country.

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What is Restart™?

Restart™ is an emergency contraceptive pill (also known as the morning-after pill) that can reduce your chances of getting pregnant after unprotected sex.

If taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex, Restart™ can significantly reduce your risk of pregnancy.  

Restart™ is a safe and easy way to prevent pregnancy without needing a prescription or having to go to the drugstore. You can use Restart™ whenever you need it without impacting your ability to get pregnant in the future.

Is there a weight limit for Restart™?

The FDA states that there are no concerns that would prevent someone from using levonorgestrel emergency contraceptives safely — regardless of how much they weigh.

When emergency contraception is taken within 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex or birth control failure, it can significantly decrease your chances of pregnancy by nearly 90%.

However, there are some studies that suggest efficacy may decrease as body weight and BMI increase. If you weigh over 165 lbs or have a BMI over 25, the morning-after pill available without a prescription may not be as effective, and you may want to consider the prescription morning-after pill, Ella, or the copper IUD. If you have concerns about whether Restart™ is right for you, reach out to your primary care provider.

We believe everyone — at any weight — should be able to use the morning-after pill and trust that it will work effectively. As a team, we’re committed to advocating for accessible emergency contraception for all and will work to offer better options to our customers as they become available. We urge the FDA to approve a higher dose of emergency contraception that is effective for all bodies, regardless of size.

How does the Restart™ Donation Bank work?

Beginning June 21, Stix will offer Restart™ for free for those who need it in the U.S. through the Restart™ Donation Bank. Anyone can sign up to get essential emergency contraception at no cost — no questions asked. In order to achieve our goal to distribute thousands of free emergency contraception, we need your help. By contributing to the Restart™ Donation Bank, you’re helping expand access to crucial reproductive health care. 

Is my donation to the Restart™ Donation Bank tax-deductible?

Donations made to Get Stix Inc are generally considered to be personal gifts and are likely not tax-deductible. But, you can always check with a tax professional to be sure. You will not be issued a tax receipt from Stix. For more info, go to our Help Center.

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