what are the effects of coronavirus

College During Corona & Accessing Mental Health: Week 2 of the Stix Sanity Series

By Jamie & Cynthia, Stix Founders

what are the effects of coronavirus

Jamie and Cynthia here, checking in again. How is everyone holding up? We're finishing up week three of social distancing, and are starting to feel the isolating effects of this pandemic. The (big) upside? Our Sanity Series is in full swing, and has been instrumental in making us feel connected & together during this time.

This week, we dug a little deeper into the Stix community. College students across the world have had their worlds turned upside down by this pandemic—we wanted to talk with some of them. 

Visit our Instagram highlights to learn how some of our favorite college students are handling this new normal.

Then, we took some time to think about our mental health with Alyssa Petersell, the founder of MyWellbeing.

Watch the recording below of our talk with Alyssa. And be sure to check out MyWellbeing's resources during the pandemic—we all need support now more than ever.



Join us again next week for our two more virtual gatherings! We'll see you online :)


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