Cycle essentials from Stix co-founder Jamie Norwood

Cycle essentials from Stix co-founder Jamie Norwood

Welcome to Cycle Essentials! In Stix's newest series, we ask your favorite people how they manage the different phases of their menstrual cycle. Today, we're sitting down with Stix co-founder Jamie Norwood to chat favorite period products, best PMS songs, and her favorite ovulation activities.


Name: Jamie Norwood
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Job: Co-Founder, Stix
Instagram handle: @jamienorwood_
Last thing you Googled about your health: What supplements are clinically proven? 

Menstrual phase 

The period—the shedding of the uterine lining. Levels of estrogen and progesterone are low. During this week, your energy is the lowest in your cycle and you may feel tired and withdrawn.
Favorite period product: Cora’s heat relief patches! I’ve been using an old, bulky electric heating pad for like a decade and just switched to the Cora ones. They are so much lighter and easier to move with. That or good old ibuprofen for cramps.
Favorite self-care product during menstrual phase: My Lou & Grey signaturesoft sweatpants. These are so cozy and basically all I want when I’m bleeding and crampy.
Favorite activity during menstrual phase: Down time. I usually don’t want to do something that requires a lot of energy. 
Song that summarizes your menstrual phase: "How did I get through the day?" By Har Mar Superstar.

Follicular phase

The time between the first day of the period and ovulation. Estrogen rises as an egg prepares to be released. This will bring you a boost of energy, and can often improve your mood and brain function, too. You may even feel more assertive and willing to take risks.
Favorite product during follicular phase: Airpods, so I can listen to fun music while I work and podcasts while I cook and do things around the apartment.
Favorite self-care product during follicular phase: My yoga mat.
Favorite activity during follicular phase: Going to an outdoor yoga class on the river.
Song that summarizes your follicular phase: "Countdown" by Beyonce.


The ovulation phase is the only time during your menstrual cycle when you can get pregnant. You may feel that you look better and feel more confident so it will be easier to verbalize your thoughts and feelings. Plus, your sex drive will be at its highest!
Favorite ovulation product: Can I say Stix ovulation tests? I like to know when I’m ovulating so I can use an extra layer of protection during sex. Usually I don’t because I have an IUD, but I like to be *extra* careful during ovulation.


Favorite self-care product during ovulation: Dr. Teals lavender epsom salts for a bath
Favorite activity during ovulation: Anything social! I’ve noticed my energy is way up and I’m way more in the mood for socializing and going out.
Song that summarizes your ovulation phase: "Helpless" from the Hamilton Soundtrack.

Luteal phase 

The time between ovulation and before the start of menstruation, when the body prepares for a possible pregnancy. Progesterone is produced, peaks, and then drops. During this phase, you may experience symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
Favorite product during luteal phase: This face mask by The Ordinary. It feels like a treat to do a little something extra during my skincare routine and I tend to break out before my period — this mask helps. 
Favorite self-care product during luteal phase: My journal, because I have *so* many feelings and they usually all pile up and explode the week before my period. Anyone else?
Favorite activity during luteal phase: Going on a walk to call a friend and vent about feelings.
Song that summarizes your luteal phase: "Exile" by Taylor Swift. This song is dramatic AF which is perfect for PMS.

What are your cycle essentials? Let us know in the comments.

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