25 questions you’ve had about sex but never asked

25 questions you’ve had about sex but never asked

There is no such thing as a stupid question about sex.

If anything, that question you’ve never asked is probably on someone else’s mind, too! After 2000 of you responded to our Sex Ed Survey, we got so many great sex questions in our inbox. Here’s proof that your question isn’t weird. Read on for some of our very favorite sex questions:
  1. Does the first time hurt?

  2. Can using a vibrator frequently make you less sensitive?

  3. How can I tell my partner when I’m not satisfied?

  4. How do I know if I’ve had an orgasm?

  5. Is squirting real?

  6. Can you be too old for sex?

  7. Why don’t I have a sex drive?

  8. Can I take antidepressants and still have a sex drive?

  9. Why can’t men have multiple orgasms in a row?

  10. Is it appropriate to tell someone how to pleasure you effectively?

  11. Why can’t I get super wet?

  12. How hard is it to get pregnant?

  13. Does sex hurt for men?

  14. How much sex is normal?

  15. Why am I so worried about my appearance during sex?

  16. How can I initiate foreplay?

  17. How does anal sex work?

  18. What does a blowjob feel like?

  19. How can I spice up sex with my longterm partner?

  20. Is it weird to feel emotional about sex?

  21. How do I tell a partner about my fantasies?

  22. What do men think about during sex?

  23. How do I get better at sex?

  24. Will the things that turn you on change?

  25. How can I treat my erectile dysfunction?

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