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How to incorporate self care into your sex life

How to incorporate self care into your sex life

Want to know how to incorporate self care into your sex life? Self care is very trendy these days, and we’re into it. There’s a lot out there on how to incorporate self care a part of your daily routine (what’s up, essential oils), but how about incorporating self care into your sex life?

Whether you have a partner or you’re goin’ solo, you deserve an empowering and luxurious sex life. And no matter what your sex life looks like, you can always be doing more to take care of yourself.

We talked with a handful of our customers to learn what helps them take care of themselves in bed. Here’s what we learned:

  • Open. Honest. Communication. During. Sex. Can we get a standing ovation for that remark? Tell your partner what you like, what you don’t, and what you need more of. If you’re goin’ at it solo, be real with yourself about your own needs and honor them.
  • Extra lube is always a good idea. Invest in natural lube that works best for your body -- it might take a few different purchases to land on one you love. Check out Lola and Sustain for starters (+1 for women-owned businesses!)
  • Take time to debrief after. Be honest with yourself and your partner about how the sex was and what you loved. Positive reinforcement works wonders. In the same vein, be honest about what you didn’t love, especially with a new partner. Evaluate what you want that you aren’t getting, and then go out and get those things.
  • Don’t compromise on a great vibrator. Not sure where to acquire one or feel uncomfortable doing so? We’re a huge fan of woman-owned sex shops. Nothing’s better than a non-judgmental, safe space where you can ask an expert all the intimate questions. If you feel uncomfortable talking to a human about this, bring along an adventurous friend to lead the way.
  • Take care of yourself before you get down. If shaving makes you feel sexy, then do it. If putting body oil on does the trick, go for it. A hot shower and a glass of red wine can go a long way. You get the gist.
  • Only have sex when you want to. This might sound obvious, but if you’re only doing it to please a partner then you won’t fully enjoy it. Consent is the most sexy, and we hope you are honoring your desires!

How do you take care of yourself in the bedroom? Leave tips for other readers below.




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