How to talk to your kids about puberty without making it ~cringey~

How to talk to your kids about puberty without making it ~cringey~

Puberty, the wild ride of physical changes and emotional whirlwinds that can leave both parents and kids feeling like they're on a rollercoaster with no seatbelts! Do you remember the birds and the bees talks with your parents? Or maybe the awkward sex-ed class in school? Well, this isn’t the only option for talking about puberty and embracing these changes! Fear not, brave parents, we've got your back with some tips on how to tackle this topic with a sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of love.

  1. Get the Party Started Early

It's never too soon to kickstart the puberty party! Start planting the seeds of knowledge early on by casually mentioning basic stuff like body changes and good hygiene. For instance, your kids could see you applying deodorant and you could share why you include this in your daily hygiene routine. Think of it as laying down the foundation for some epic puberty conversations down the road.

  1. Let's Get Real

Create a vibe of trust and openness where your kids feel like they're chatting with their bestie. Listen up, parents – it's time to become the coolest confidant your kid ever had! Encourage questions, squash the awkwardness, and let them know you've got their back, no matter what. Yes, you are the parent, which means you also are probably the one laying down the rules and responsibilities in your house and family, but this shouldn’t deter your child from feeling comfortable coming to talk to you about sensitive topics, like puberty and overall health and wellbeing. 

We hear from many parents that the conversation can be awkward or uncomfortable, but using resources like Puberry and Stix can help!

“Puberry clarified my daughter’s doubts and questions while being concise and fun. It opened up dialogue and curiosity to have a discussion together.” - Parent 

  1. Bring in the Pop Culture Reinforcements

Who said learning about puberty had to be boring? In addition to busting out the traditional age-appropriate books and videos, upgrade your conversation and learning materials with a fun interactive and gamified app, such as Puberry! With Puberry, parents have a full overview lesson content and their kids get to enjoy learning about puberty, mental health, men’s health, menstrual health, and more, at their own pace and via fun games. They can even earn Puberry bucks to customize their own characters! Plus, parents can then choose to use the discussion enablers in the app to share experiences about different topics. And, best of all, it’s verified by medical professionals. It’s like Duolingo for puberty! 

“I like that Puberry teaches more specific information about puberty and that we can track our emotions with emojis! And, I feel more comfortable knowing what to expect when I get my period.” -user 10 yrs old

  1. Keep it Real

When it comes to puberty talks, honesty is the name of the game. Skip the fancy words and get straight to the point – puberty is like a crazy carnival ride for your body and emotions, but guess what? You're their trusty guide through it all! So, ensure to welcome each question with openness, and be prepared to potentially learn new things too.

  1. Privacy Please

Time to talk about boundaries, folks! Respect your kid's need for privacy and let them know it's totally cool to set boundaries when it comes to personal stuff. It's all about respecting each other's space.

  1. Self-Care Squad

Puberty is all about embracing the self-care vibes! Teach your kids the importance of looking after themselves, from rockin' skincare routines to owning their dental hygiene game. Because nothing says "I'm ready to tackle puberty" like a glowing smile! Plus, with fluctuating hormones, they may experience more oily skin, hair growth, acne, and more, but with proper care, they can feel confident going through these changes. 

Remember, with puberty comes other challenges like yeast infections and UTIs. Last summer, Stix ran a Tik Tok series called Stix on the Street. When interviewing, teens, young adults, and adult women there was a common thread. During their first vaginal infection or UTI, they had no idea what was going on and confused it with an STI or a more serious disease. Don’t forget to talk to your children about proper hygiene (wipe front to back, change out of wet bathing suits or sweaty shorts after practice). And let your kids know what these infections are so they can recognize them without jumping to the worst case scenario. 

  1. Embrace the Feels

Puberty isn't just about zits and growth spurts – it's also a rollercoaster of emotions! Let your kids know that it's totally normal to feel all the feels during this wild ride. Laugh, cry, scream – it's all part of the adventure! And, with Puberry, your kids can even track their daily emotional and physical well-being in their emotions calendar. This is a fun way to become self-aware and explore how your hormones cause your emotions to fluctuate. 

  1. Keep the Conversation Flowing

Puberty talks aren't a one-time deal – they're an ongoing saga of growth and discovery! Encourage your kids to ask questions whenever they pop into their curious minds, and be ready to dish out wisdom with a side of parental love. They can also continue to learn and explore new topics as they get older via the Puberry app (8-18 years old). And when it comes to discovering additional support and resources for sexual and vaginal health, they can delve into Stix’s Real Talk blog too! 

“Puberty can be awkward, that’s why we made it fun! Our mission is to eliminate shame, embarrassment , stigma, and misinformation surrounding puberty and health, enabling youth to feel prepared, supported, and confident, so that they can live healthier, happier lives.” - Demetra Mallios, Founder & CEO of Puberry

“Did you know that 33 states don’t require school sex-ed curriculums to be medically accurate? Our society hasn’t valued teaching young people about their bodies, and it’s time to change that. We believe in empowering people to make decisions about their bodies with the education they need, but never got.” - Stix Team

So there you have it, fellow parents – your ultimate guide to tackling puberty with style, sass, and a whole lot of love. With a little bit of fun, a sprinkle of honesty, and a whole lot of patience, you'll breeze through these puberty talks like the superheroes you are. So buckle up, embrace the adventure, and get ready to conquer puberty like a boss!

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