How and when to switch doctors

How and when to switch doctors

Your relationship with your doctor is a crucial part of your health journey. It’s so important to feel comfortable and supported when asking your doctor questions or expressing concerns about your health — no one should have to settle for less. So how do I know if my doctor is right for me, and how can I find a doctor who is compatible with my health needs and preferences? Let’s get into it.

How do I know to switch doctors?

Having a respectful, trusting relationship with your doctor will go a long way in your health journey. Everyone’s ideal doctor-patient relationship is different, so before deciding to make the switch, figure out what you are looking for in a doctor. 

The most important thing to look out for in your relationship with your doctor is that you feel heard. If you feel that your doctor is dismissing your health concerns or not taking them seriously, it’s time to start looking for a new one. Your doctor is the person who should be prioritizing your health the most, so you should feel comfortable expressing any health concerns with them. 

While the actual medical aspect of a doctor’s job is essential, their relationships with their patients and their staff are also important. Your doctor shouldn’t treat you like a stranger every time you go in. For a doctor to effectively treat her patients, she has to form unique relationships with them and consider their lifestyles and preferences. This way, your doctor can accommodate your treatment plan for what makes the most sense based on your lifestyle and financial status, providing you with a more positive experience.

Another thing to think about is the quality of service provided by your doctor’s office. Is it easy to schedule an appointment to see your doctor? Are you ever kept waiting for your doctor past your appointment time? Do the employees who check you in and out provide good customer service? These are all important details to consider when evaluating your experience with your doctor.

How to find the right doctor for you

When looking for a new doctor, think about the logistics first. You’ll want to make sure they take your insurance and that you can afford to pay their fees. Additionally, look for someone local who you won’t have trouble traveling to and from. 

Try to get an idea for what you are looking for in a doctor. Maybe you are interested in finding a doctor with better hours, more personal relationships with patients, or knowledge of a specific health problem. Once you know what qualities you’re looking for and which you are trying to avoid, start asking around and doing your research. 

Ask your friends and family if they have had good experiences with their doctors or know of anyone who aligns with what you’re looking for. Once you have some that you are considering, do a quality check! Read reviews online, talk to others about their experience, and ask to schedule a call with the doctor. Your doctor is someone you want to trust with your health, so it’s important to feel confident in your decision.

Everyone deserves to feel supported and heard throughout their health journey. That starts with finding a doctor who is a good fit for you and your health needs. At Stix, we aim to provide women with trusted information and products for a more comfortable and positive health journey experience.


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