Must-have health products for college

Must-have health products for college

Feeling prepared to go back to school after a long summer of beach trips, hanging with hometown friends, and living with your parents can be pretty overwhelming. Also, back to school shopping this year looks very different as getting out to the store isn’t as easy and safe as it once was. However, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t go back to school fully stocked with the health products and resources that you need this year. We’ve compiled a list of health products that you should have going back to college during the pandemic.

Birth Control. Talk to your doctor about going on birth control before you go to college. There are also plenty of companies you can order birth control from online that will send you recurring shipments. We like Nurx, The Pill Club, and TwentyEight Health. Regardless of where you get your birth control, do your research to make sure you are prescribed the right form for your body and lifestyle.

Masks. This might sound obvious, but you’ll need more than you think. Pack plenty of backups, because the last thing you need is to have to run out to the store to buy more or use one of your friends. In our opinion, you can never have enough masks! Order in bulk off Amazon, or check out this list of trusted places to order trendy masks.

Condoms. We won’t turn this into a lesson about safe sex, but condoms are important. Plus, it’s 2020 and you should carry your own condoms. Even if you’re on birth control, condoms are important to protect against STDs and STIs, so it’s always good to have them. You can order them easily and discreetly from Lola, Lelo Hex, or pick some up from your college health center.

Vitamins. Living in a dorm room with a communal bathroom means it’s pretty likely to catch a cold from a girl down the hall. Stock up on Emergen C and mix it in with water any time you’re feeling run down or under the weather. Additionally, taking a probiotic every day will provide your body with “good” bacteria to help fight off colds and develop a stronger immune system.

Tampons. To make sure you never have to use a cardboard tampon from the bathroom, go to school prepared with lots of tampons and pads. You can also have them sent to you by Lola on a subscription basis so that you never run out.

Pregnancy Tests. This is something we wish we knew to bring to college. Bringing pregnancy tests to school would have saved us from the anxiety and embarrassment of seeing someone from class in CVS while buying a test. Order your tests today from Stix on a one time or subscription basis. We will ship pregnancy tests right to your door in super discreet packaging, not even your roommate will know. 


Going back to college this year will be weird and there isn’t much that we can control, so we hope this helped you feel more prepared to enter the school year with the products you need. And remember, the Stix Library is here as a resource you can lean on with any health questions you need answered.

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