Everything you should know before you let him come inside you

Everything you should know before you let him come inside you

A note: you can technically come inside while wearing a condom, but for the intents and purposes of this article we are taking condoms out of the equation. Remember, condoms are always a good idea, as they prevent unwanted pregnancy and STIs! 

So, let’s talk about cum. If your partner has a penis, the cum has to go somewhere. From mouth to boobs to inside-a-condom, many of us have a preference of where we want our partner to come. And, some of us have a desire for sex to end with ejaculation inside of the vagina. Allowing your partner to finish inside you is an intimate act, and one that requires trust on both ends.

There are many reasons both men and women enjoy ejaculation inside the vagina — it feels good, and it can make you feel closer to your partner. In 2020, women’s sexual pleasure website and blog, Bad Girls Bible, did a deep-dive “ejaculation study” with 740 cis straight women and men on where they prefer ejaculation. 92% of those who participated in the study said they or their partner finish inside the vagina “often” or “sometimes.” 50% of those people are using a condom, and 50% are not. So clearly, coming inside is common practice! 

However, there can also be drawbacks to coming inside. So, we’re here to help you feel prepared and comfortable by giving you everything you need to know before you say “f**k it” and give him the go-ahead to come inside you. 

First up, let’s consider who you’re comfortable wading in risky-sex-waters with. Ejaculating inside the vagina increases chances of getting pregnant, as well as transmitting STIs. It is important to remember that many STIs are passed on by the exchange of fluids. Giving your partner the green light to finish inside requires a high level of trust. It is essential to communicate beforehand: have you talked about STI status? The very act of coming inside can result in bringing a baby into the picture. How would you both feel if you were to get pregnant? 

Some things to consider before deciding if coming inside is the best choice for you:

  • STIs
  • Many common STIs are spread by the exchange of fluids, not just skin contact. Condoms are your best friend in preventing STIs. If you want to let your partner come inside of you without a condom, it is essential for you to have a chat about STIs. Read our advice about the best way to do that here!

  • UTIs
  • UTIs (or urinary tract infections) are an infection that occurs in the urinary tract, often from unwanted bacteria entering the urethra. Sex in general is a common cause of UTIs, because with this act bacteria can easily spread into the urethra. Coming inside may increase this risk even more. As basic UTI prevention, it is ALWAYS important to pee after sex to flush out bacteria.

  • BV
  • BV (or bacterial vaginosis) is an easily treatable bacterial infection in your vagina. Semen inside of the vagina is a common cause of this, because it impacts the pH level. 

  • Yeast Infections
  • Yeast infections are another common vaginal infection that results from an imbalance in bacteria in the vagina. And, as we’ve already learned, ejaculating inside can throw off your vagina’s pH levels. 

    • Birth control

    A final piece of the puzzle to consider before you lose the condom is another birth control method. Outside of condoms, common contraceptive methods include implants, IUDs, injections, and pills. These range from hormonal to non-hormonal methods — this article is a helpful guide to your options. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about what form of contraception is best for you!

    Tracking your ovulation cycle can give you additional guidance on what time of month is best for the occasion. During ovulation, you are most fertile and more likely to get pregnant, so this is a good time to wrap it up. 

    What else to consider before you go for it?

    We’ve said it once but we will certainly say it again, trust is an absolute must when making the decision to let your partner come inside. There is a level of emotional vulnerability that comes with this kind of intimacy. That being said, the decision is in your hands and we hope you enjoy! 

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