Elyse took a Stix pregnancy test. Here's what she thought

Elyse took a Stix pregnancy test. Here's what she thought

This post is by Elyse Ash and originally appeared on the Fruitful Fertility blog.

Peeing on a pregnancy test starts as a fun, exciting experience at the beginning; but it then devolves into an emotional trigger we fertility warriors face month after month. That’s why we’re so thrilled that our new partner, Stix, has created a more discrete, less judgmental type of pregnancy test.

Remember the first time you peed on a stick the month after you decided to start “trying” for a baby?  

I do. I was terrified…equally terrified of being pregnant and not being pregnant. But also…terrified of deciphering which number of lines I should be rooting for and more eminently,  terrified of peeing on my hand. The entire experience made me feel like a lunatic.

From buying the pregnancy test itself (and avoiding eye contact with the Target cashier AT ALL COSTS) to fumbling nervously with that folded instruction paper written in -3 pt font, it was all so needlessly stressful.

And as the months of trying to conceive kept passing by, so did the number of pregnancy tests I was buying. Honestly they became more expensive than my Starbucks addiction. How I would have killed for discrete, affordable and reliable pregnancy tests…bonus points for being founded by amazing, badass women. Enter, Stix.


Jamie and Cynthia, the female founders of Stix, thought there should be a better way to buy pregnancy tests (there obviously couldn’t be a worse one). Their discreet, non-judgmental, quick pregnancy tests come in packs of 2 and ship for free. The subtle packaging is real hush-hush and there are no gloating, beaming baby photos on the packaging. Score! They’re more affordable and just as accurate (99% accuracy, 3 days before your missed period) as those baby-on-the-box brands of pregnancy tests.

earliest detection pregnancy testSo if you’ve ever drawn a second line on a pregnancy test (ya know, just to see what it would look like)…or if you’ve shamelessly fished your old pee test out the trash justttttt to double check, we think you’ll like Stix. Plus if you’re not sure when to take a pregnancy test or how to interpret the resultsStix has tons of resources for you!

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