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6 reasons to autoship Stix's Pregnancy and Ovulation tests

6 reasons to autoship Stix's Pregnancy and Ovulation tests

We founded Stix because we recognized that your health should not be a mystery and products should be tailored to your experience. Every part of the Stix experience is designed to make sense for your life, especially the Stix autoship option. Here are the reasons why you should set up autoship for your Stix.

Crazy convenient

Say goodbye to those last-minute drugstore runs! With Stix autoship, it’s as easy as opening the mailbox and grabbing your discreet package. Your pregnancy and ovulation tests (or both!) will ship on your preferred schedule and you’ll always have the option to skip an order or cancel.


Reminder to test

Want to test more frequently but find yourself forgetting? The Stix autoship works as a great reminder to check up on your body and your health. You won’t have to continually order more or head out to the drug store every month, your pregnancy and ovulation tests will be there right when you need them.

Simplified experience

We all have that one drawer full of our favorite living essentials. While we love a shelf of Stix, it feels good to declutter those spaces. Get the Stix autoship so that you never have too many or too few tests. You’ll get exactly what you need, when you need them.

Super discreet

At Stix, we believe the best things come in small, discrete packages. You can expect every shipment to arrive in plain-brown mailer envelopes with a simple “GS” as the return address. Your health is your business and that’s why we provide the extra element of privacy that you deserve. 

Helpful resources and customer support 

We are committed to working alongside you on your unique health journey. We’ll send you accurate health information and you’ll have access to 24/7 customer support. Need help reading your test results or want to double-check on the instructions? We’re here for you, every step of the way. 


Best deals on your Stix 

Last but not least, the Stix autoship is a great deal! When you signup, you’ll get an automatic discount on your favorite Stix products. That means more tests for less. Who doesn’t love that?

Still wondering if autoshipping is right for you? Take our quiz here and, as always, reach out to us at

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