16 people gave us their thoughts on hookup culture

16 people gave us their thoughts on hookup culture

What is hookup culture? In a nutshell, a culture of noncommittal sexual encounters where partners are not really dating each other. 

Hookup culture: think friends with benefits, fuck buddies, situationships, casual dating, one night stands, dating apps, DTR-ing. Is hookup culture empowering? Are we over it? Is casual sex still fun? We asked our community, what do you think about hookup culture? Here are some of their answers:

Airing personal grievances

“It’s not for me personally. Make sure to be aware of others’ feelings beforehand, but do what you want.”

“I can’t handle another situationship.”

“Love it for everyone else but not for me.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Don’t like it. Overrated. People lie about how much they’re hooking up to seem cool.” 

“Benefits men a million times more than women. Women should not be shamed for it.”

“After the first few guys it's not worth it. Protect your sexual energy.” 

“I love empowerment but sex can be self harm for so many people and no one talks about it.”

Advice for those who want to participate 

“It’s all about setting expectations and being honest with yourself… it can be fun!”

“Have fun. Be safe.”

“As long as people are being safe and consenting, go for it.”

“I think it’s fine if both parties have the same intention.” 

An urge to reconnect with romantic dating

“Everyone wants love!”

“I feel like we’re losing meaningful relationships/ connections, but I also support doing whatever the fuck you want.” 

“Monogamous for the win! I love love.”

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