Pregnancy During Corona & Postnatal Workouts: The Stix Sanity Series Kickoff

Pregnancy During Corona & Postnatal Workouts: The Stix Sanity Series Kickoff

Jamie & Cynthia, Stix Founders
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To our Stix community,

Jamie and Cynthia here. We hope you are taking care and taking time to rest and recharge as much as possible in these uncertain times. Last week, we sat down to think about where we can help here, if at all.

One thing’s for certain -- this is a time when health essentials are more important than ever. As long as the postal service is open for business, we’ll be delivering high quality, discreet, and affordable pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. This women-owned, independent business is not stopping now or ever.

We’ve been spending the past week talking with you, our customers, about how you’re feeling and what you need. Wherever you are on your health journey, COVID-19 raises a lot of questions and uncertainty. So, as two women with a love of lists and plans, we put together a schedule of some virtual events with health professionals, both to inform and entertain. We're calling this the Stix Sanity Series.

This week, we kicked things off with two webinars!

First, we talked to a panel of pregnant women from the Stix community, to learn more about their experiences during the pandemic.

Then, we were led by Caila Zappala (fitness expert & Stix customer) through a Q&A about pregnancy and fitness, with a 60 minute pre- and post-natal workout.

You can also learn more about exercise during pregnancy over at her blog post on the Stix Library.



Join us again next week for our two more virtual gatherings! Plus, we'll be putting on digital events through May. We'll see you online :)


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The Ovulation Test: 7 Pack


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The Pregnancy Test: 2 Pack


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