How to take a pregnancy test without anyone knowing

How to take a pregnancy test without anyone knowing

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Want to know how to take a pregnancy test without anyone knowing? Cynthia and I founded Stix because we've both had terrible experiences purchasing pregnancy tests. Cynthia actually ran into her boyfriend's mom -- horrifying, I know. When I was checking out at my neighborhood CVS, the cashier sarcastically wished me good luck. I turned bright red. I know I shouldn't have been embarrassed, but I was! 

The reality is, buying a discreet pregnancy test has never been more important. No matter your reasoning or your situation, if you want to buy and take a pregnancy test without anyone knowing, you should have the ability to.

Early Pregnancy Tests

Early Pregnancy Tests


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Buying a pregnancy test should be private if you want it to be. It can be emotional. Especially in my case, I'm not ready for a baby and I don't want family or friends knowing that I might be pregnant. I have an IUD so I don't get my period, and no birth control is 100% effective. That's why I have a Stix pregnancy test subscription to test every couple months to be safe. You can sign up to get tests every two, four, eight, 12, or 16 weeks.

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Whether you need to buy a pregnancy test without your parents knowing or without running into a familiar face at the drugstore, Stix pregnancy tests are accurate home pregnancy tests that will protect your privacy and are delivered in a discreet, tiny envelope.

Pregnancy & Ovulation Test Kit

Pregnancy & Ovulation Test Kit


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When we say discreet, we mean it. The envelope won’t say Stix or pregnancy test anywhere visibly on the outside - not even on the return address. No lingering purchase history. You can even checkout with Paypal so nothing shows up on your credit card statement. 

Now, Stix pregnancy tests show up at my doorstep every two months.  Peace of mind feels good with private pregnancy tests, let me tell you that!

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